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We love referrals… and saying "thank you"!

In a nutshell…
If you recommend us to someone who becomes a customer, we will send you a payment to the value of one of YOUR regular monthly premium(s), up to £100*.


In more detail…
You are probably reading this because you were introduced to us by someone who believed we could help you.

We don’t run “new customer only” offers. We value all our customers, old and new and this scheme is available to everyone.

We don’t have clients. We have customers, people that trust us with their custom.

For over 18 years our business has existed courtesy of word of mouth recommendations.

If you introduce us to friends, family, colleagues etc, resulting in new business, we will send you a payment to the value of YOUR premium(s), for one month, up to £100*.

If your premium is less than £50 per month, we will pay you £50.

How do we recommend you?
Most of the people you know will have a family, mortgage, or, their own income and lifestyle to consider/protect. Simply ask if they would take a brief phone call from someone you believe could help, and share a little of your experience of us with them.

Remember, we NEVER charge fees and all meetings are without obligation.

Many people are aware they need the types of insurance we arrange, but don’t get around to making arrangements – until it is too late. Likewise, existing arrangements may not be suitable, or, represent value.

Once someone has agreed we can call them, simply call or text us with their contact details on 01287 650300, or email

To avoid misunderstandings…
Policies that are annually renewable do not qualify for this initiative.  For example, Accident, Sickness, Unemployment(ASU) policies. Likewise, we only refund Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection premiums.

*Terms and Conditions:
IMPORTANT: You continue to pay your insurer by direct debit and we will send you a payment to the value of one of YOUR regular monthly premium(s), up to £100*.

Subject to the £100 limit, if you have more than one policy with us, your payment will be to the value of all Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection (Permanent Health Insurance) policies we arranged.

We provide your payment within 2 months of our being paid by the insurer.

All customers are eligible for this scheme. However, we reserve the right to withhold payments if we believe the scheme is being abused.

We also reserve the right to alter or withdraw the scheme (as a whole or from individuals) at any time, without entering into correspondence or giving notice.

In the unlikely event we withdraw the scheme, we would honour payments for legitimate introductions received to the date the scheme is withdrawn.

Maximum of 6 paid referrals per person per year.

All payments are intended as a “thank you” for the introduction and are made per introduction, not per policy we arrange as a result of the introduction. An introduction to a “couple”, married or otherwise, counts as one introduction (not two).

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