Critical Illness

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Sadly, many of us know someone who’s been affected by Cancer, had a Heart Attack, Stroke or another potentially critical illness. What if it were you?

How would you and/or your family cope financially if your life was turned upside down following a potentially life changing diagnosis?

Policies commonly:

  • Cover 50-80 conditions.
  • Provide cover for children at no additional cost.
  • Include Life Insurance.

We can help you identify the nature of cover that best suits your circumstances, priorities and budget.

Level Critical Illness cover
Provides a lump sum in the event of a claim during the term of the policy.  If indexing cover is selected, the benefit and premiums will increase each year to offset inflation.

Decreasing Critical Illness cover
The benefit reduces gradually over the term of the policy. Cheaper than Level Critical Illness cover, this type of cover is commonly used to protect repayment mortgages.

Family Income Benefit
Is designed to provide income. For example, £25,000 per year, payable:

  • For a fixed term, for example 20 years, or…
  • To a specified age, for example to age 60, or…
  • Until your youngest child is, for example, 25 years old.

If indexing cover is selected, the benefit and premiums increase each year to offset inflation.

Depending on your circumstances, it may make sense to consider a “mix” of the different types of cover. Some insurers provide a discount if more than one benefit is arranged.

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Cover is subject to underwriting and will, among other factors, take account of your health, occupation and past times. Insurer’s policy schedules and terms and conditions supersede the content of this website. Policies do not acquire a value and will not provide a return at any time.

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