Occupation mis-represented…

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A gentleman who works over 6 months of the year at sea in a moderately dangerous job  approached us to arrange Income Protection.

Having spoken to many insurers, we were unable to find one that would consider cover.  The job wasn’t the issue, the issue was the time spent at sea.

I was surprised when I later learned another broker had arranged Critical Illness cover (NOT Income Protection) with one of the insurers who had told us they wouldn’t consider an application for ANY type of cover.

When I examined the application for this new cover, the broker had not only misrepresented the applicants occupation.  Critically, they hadn’t declared the time at sea.

Also, having been assured by the new broker “their cover was better”, the gentleman cancelled an existing policy he’d arranged some years prior which was still valid.

While we couldn’t help with new cover, we explained the mis-selling to the original insurer whom agreed out of goodwill to reinstate the customers old policy.

Having had written confirmation from the new insurer they would NOT have provided cover had they been aware of the facts, this policy was cancelled with immediate effect.

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